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alutec dtm alloy wheels rimsAlutec Dtm
alutec java alloy wheels rimsAlutec Java
alutec kyro alloy wheels rimsAlutec Kyro
alutec leon alloy wheels rimsAlutec Leon
alutec m alloy wheels rimsAlutec M
alutec vantastic alloy wheels rimsAlutec Vantastic
alutec zero alloy wheels rimsAlutec Zero
avalini formula alloy wheels rimsAvalini Formula
avalini gladiatior alloy wheels rimsAvalini Gladiatior
avalini jubilee alloy wheels rimsAvalini Jubilee
avalini melbourne alloy wheels rimsAvalini Melbourne
avalini orbit alloy wheels rimsAvalini Orbit
avalini scorze alloy wheels rimsAvalini Scorze
avalini turbo alloy wheels rimsAvalini Turbo
bbs ch alloy wheels rimsBbs Ch
bbs lm alloy wheels rimsBbs Lm
bbs rc alloy wheels rimsBbs Rc
bbs rk alloy wheels rimsBbs Rk
bbs rx alloy wheels rimsBbs Rx
bbs rz alloy wheels rimsBbs Rz
fox off road alpha alloy wheels rimsFox Off Road Alpha
fox off road beta alloy wheels rimsFox Off Road Beta
fox off road delta alloy wheels rimsFox Off Road Delta
fox off road gamma alloy wheels rimsFox Off Road Gamma
fox off road kappa alloy wheels rimsFox Off Road Kappa
fox racing fox 1 evo alloy wheels rimsFox Racing Fox 1 Evo
fox racing fox 2 evo alloy wheels rimsFox Racing Fox 2 Evo
fox racing fox 3 evo alloy wheels rimsFox Racing Fox 3 Evo
fox racing fox 4 evo alloy wheels rimsFox Racing Fox 4 Evo
fox racing fox 5 evo alloy wheels rimsFox Racing Fox 5 Evo
fox racing fox 6 evo alloy wheels rimsFox Racing Fox 6 Evo
fox rs i alloy wheels rimsFox Rs I
fox rs ii alloy wheels rimsFox Rs Ii
fox rs iii alloy wheels rimsFox Rs Iii
matrix energy alloy wheels rimsMatrix Energy
matrix shadow alloy wheels rimsMatrix Shadow
matrix torque alloy wheels rimsMatrix Torque
mvk  alloy wheels rimsMvk
o2 antares alloy wheels rimsO2 Antares
o2 canyon alloy wheels rimsO2 Canyon
o2 classe alloy wheels rimsO2 Classe
o2 commanche alloy wheels rimsO2 Commanche
o2 f1 evo alloy wheels rimsO2 F1 Evo
o2 gallileo alloy wheels rimsO2 Gallileo
o2 hydra alloy wheels rimsO2 Hydra
o2 opera alloy wheels rimsO2 Opera
o2 superleggara alloy wheels rimsO2 Superleggara
o2 superturismo alloy wheels rimsO2 Superturismo
o2 titan alloy wheels rimsO2 Titan
real chrome collection ls1 alloy wheels rimsReal Chrome Collection Ls1
real chrome collection p294 alloy wheels rimsReal Chrome Collection P294
real chrome collection w179 alloy wheels rimsReal Chrome Collection W179
o2 crono alloy wheels rimsO2 Crono
o2 vela alloy wheels rimsO2 Vela
real chrome collection p395 alloy wheels rimsReal Chrome Collection P395

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Welcome to our new Custom Alloy Wheels site. Below you will find a selection of high quality Alloy Wheels from the leading suppliers. If you would like to order alloy wheels from us, simply click on the manufacturer of the wheel you would like, view the selections, then follow the simple shopping cart instructions. UK delivery is added at the cart, as delivery rates overseas vary considerably we shop around to get the best delivery rates on each order to ensure that you get the best rate rate, if you are ordering from overseas either call us or order from the site, we will get in touch with the delivery cost which will be agreed with you prior to debiting your credit card.

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Custom Wheels, Rims, Alloys is completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at .

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Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our Catalog, and click on any items that you wish to buy and put them into the shopping cart. After you have finished your selection, click on "Order" and you will be asked for a few details that we need to be able to satisfy the order.

We accept credit card payment. If you are shopping from North America or anywhere else, place your order and your credit card company will convert the transaction to US Dollars or your own currency.

We accept Visa , Mastercard and all UK debit cards. We do not charge for any item until it is ready to ship. You may send your credit card information via phone, fax, snail mail or over the Internet. All on-line credit card transactions are encrypted and therefore considered to be totally secure You may also print out an invoice and send us a cheque or P/O, please make cheques and P/O's payable to K and I Motors Ltd.

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